Our concept is Practical Indulgence. You visit us for a nail, skin, or beauty service because you want to feel or look good - that’s the Practical. The Indulgence is how we deliver those services.
— Sally Parks, Owner, Plum Natural Nail & Skin Spa

Whether you visit Plum Natural Nail & Skin Spa to enjoy a short break from your busy life, a day of pampering with friends, for practical reasons (let’s face it, not all of us can still reach our toes!), or simply because you want to look and feel great, we want to ensure your experience with us is exceptional. Enjoy organic spa services in Austin in a fume free, clean environment at Plum.

Our concept at Plum is “Practical Indulgence”. You get a manicure, pedicure or skin care services because you want to look and feel good – that is the Practical.  The Indulgence is how we deliver these services.  You don’t have to think about what is being slathered all over your largest organ (that’s your skin, kids) and you get to breathe clean, dust-free air  filled with the scents of essential oils like lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint.  (How many times have you walked into a nail salon and said “It smells so good in here!”?  – we hear it daily!)

Peace of mind and a breath of fresh air.

At Plum you can rest assured knowing your health and wellness are of the utmost importance to us. We follow strict hygiene practices and all of our nail and skin services are delivered using products that contain natural and organic ingredients free of parabens, phthalates, petrolatum, and sulfates. We are pleased to offer a myriad of manicure and pedicure options that address a multitude of needs and deliver a variety of tantalizing scents! And because we only offer natural nail services, you can breathe easy with no chemical fumes to bother you.

Comfort and serenity.

With an eye on both beauty and sustainability, the environment of Plum is all about you.  Sip on a beverage of your choice while you catch up on cooking shows, flip through a magazine, or surf the web using our free Wi-Fi.  Our Continuum spa chairs, made for us in Wisconsin, provide relaxing Shiatsu massage and the comfort of a sanitary, pipe-less jet system to soothe tired feet.  Private rooms for waxing and other esthetic services are well-appointed and always spotless.

Plum Staff and Service.

Our professional staff and a focus on excellent customer service are at the core of your experience at Plum.  Starting with your reservation, which can be made on-line or by calling us, we aim for efficiency and courtesy and our menu of nail, hair removal, and esthetician services provide convenience.  Each nail therapist and esthetician has undergone additional training to comply with the elevated standards at Plum.  You’ll find that our staff has a sheer passion for what we do – and it shows in our work.  While we emphasize consistency in our services, we know your lifestyle, nails, and skin are unique. Our qualified therapists will ask questions and carefully assess and adapt our treatments or make recommendations based on your specific needs.