Looking for the “Fountain of Youth” to bring results to aging skin?

Plum Natural Nail and Skin Spa brings you Rhonda Allison’s Minus 10 Facial. This treatment was developed to address the causes and facets of aging such as depletion of antioxidants and cellular energy, loss of lipids and hydration and of course the decrease in cellular turnover resulting in the decline in collagen and elastin.

This is our most popular facial and clients rave about their results!

With the use of intelligent ingredients that communicate to your cells - peptides, antioxidants, retinoids, anti-glycation, omegas and many other sophisticated ingredients we are able to not only slow down the aging process but restore skin to the state it was when we were younger!

This treatment leaves the skin exfoliated and hydrated, and infused with nutrients and active ingredients to rejuvenate from the cellular level.


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Minus 10 Facial only $62!!

I got the Minus 10 Facial before my niece’s wedding and everyone told me how great I looked! Everything was plumped and glowing! A month later and my skin still looks great! It’s an amazing facial! Thank you!!!!!
— Karen C.

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only $62 through this exclusive offer!!

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