They say the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul; which means your lashes are the curtains and your brows the valance!  The shape and color of your lashes and brows lend to the entire look of your face.  Even without make-up, well- defined brows provide structure, while full lashes draw attention to the eyes, making them seem larger and brighter.

Tinting is a quick, easy, and economical choice for enhancing lashes and brows. Taking just 20-25 minutes, vegetable based dyes are used to provide semi-permanent color in shades from light brown to deep black.  And, contrary to popular belief, tinting is not just for those with light or graying hair; even those with darker natural coloring can benefit from tinting.  Your natural color tends to fade toward the tip of the lash and brow hair, so enhancing the color will reveal the full length of your eyelashes and can help define the shape of brows.

Eyelash Tinting: $20

Eyebrow Tinting: $20

Lash & Brow: $35

What to expect: You’ll work with your Esthetician to choose a color for your tint, then simply sit back and enjoy a few phone and email-free minutes of relaxation while the vegetable dyes do their work. Color lasts from 2-4 weeks, dependent on your lifestyle and body chemistry. For longer lasting color, use only products without oil for cleansing and moisturizing.