New Acne Clinic

90-Day Acne Program

For those combatting acne, there are options that don’t involve harsh and often harmful oral antibiotics! Our 90-Day Program will help analyze what could be triggering the breakouts and assist in regulating the process that contributes to the development of acne – over production of sebum + gradual buildup of dead skin cells. Our 3-Step approach to acne skin is to reduce bacteria and inflammation, increase cellular turnover by incorporating powerful enzymes and exfoliators, and kick-start the wound-healing process to reduce the risk of acne scarring. This corrective-plus treatment is a must in combating acne skin. We customize our treatment plans for each client based on the type and severity of acne, skin type, and lifestyle.

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Announcing the Plum Signature Pedicure!

Our most indulgent service, our soothing new Signature Pedicure features relaxation-inducing CBD oil! CBD, or cannabidiol, is derived from the hemp plant and is excellent for reducing inflammation and pain from both chronic issues (like arthritis and fibromyalgia) and  every day aches and pains.

This service starts with warm neck wrap and a soothing soak infused with CBD and essential oils. You will experience meticulous cuticle detailing, callus care and nail shaping plus an organic sugar scrub to the knee. Your feet and legs will then be covered in a detoxifying  clay masque to draw out toxins and return minerals and other nutrients to the skin. A luxurious hot stone massage with CBD oil reduces tension and relaxes muscles.  Your service continues with an application of your favorite lotion and is completed with  polish or buff.