90-Day Acne Program

There are many forms of acne and many different contributors to acne including stress, nutrition, hormones, skin irritants and cosmetics. The one common denominator is that those struggling with acne can feel self-conscience, often resulting in picking or the use of products that could be exasperating the condition.

Our 90-Day Program will help analyze what could be triggering the breakouts and assist in regulating the process that contributes to the development of acne – over production of sebum + gradual buildup of dead skin cells. Our 3-Step approach to acne skin is to reduce bacteria and inflammation, increase cellular turnover by incorporating powerful enzymes and exfoliators, and kick-start the wound-healing process to reduce the risk of acne scarring. This corrective-plus treatment is a must in combating acne skin.We customize our treatment plans for each client based on the type and severity of acne, skin type, and lifestyle.

Please note that acne is not something that is commonly resolved overnight.  It takes time, patience, consistency and honesty to see results.

What's included

The program consists of the following:

  • Client Consultation/Skin Analysis

  • 8-9 Corrective Treatments (30-60 minutes each) including peels, facials and LED treatments

  • 6-8 stand alone LED treatments

  • Home Care Products and Acne-safe SPF

  • Before & After Pictures to track progress


  • Treatments and basic Acne Product Kit - $575
    This can be paid out in 3 installments of $175. The Acne Product Kit that includes: Cleanser, Toner, Growth Factor, and Sunscreen ($95 MSRP).

  • Products - program members receive 10% off MSRP on all prescribed products.
    After your initial assessment, and throughout your program, your Esthetician will prescribe additional "Corrective" products for your specific type of acne. The pricing of these products varies.


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