Eyelash Extension Looks

Lash Looks

Our goal at Plum is to give you the Lash Look you want, and because your eye shape, your natural lashes, and your preferences are unique to you, each lash application is also different. We don’t stick to a set formula of sizes or count lashes; instead, our Lash Artists use a combination of lengths, widths, and curl shapes to achieve a look that is exactly what you want.

Below are some ideas of what can be achieved.

The Flirt

Lashes are blended to provide an emphasis on the outer two-thirds of the eye to give you a beautiful, subtle enhancement. This type of lash extension is popular with those who already have reasonably thick lashes and are looking for some extra sparkle, or for those who want some pizzazz for a special event, or for those new to Eyelash Extensions who want try them out! (this is not considered a full-set)

Natural Beauty

There is nothing boring about being a Natural Beauty! This looks is great for busy clients who want the appearance of mascara-ed eyes without the fuss.  It’s the look everyone will notice, but no one will suspect.

Daring Damsel

A little bolder, and a little flirtier, this look works for days in the office, evenings out, and for special occasions. One of the most popular looks, it draws attention to the shape of the eye.

The Doll Baby

This set of lashes is shorter at the corners and fuller in the center, giving  you a wide-eyed, innocent look.

Glamour Girl

Long, full lashes that stand out from the crowd, the name says it all – this is the look is for the on-trend gal who wants to add a little drama to her life !  T

Va-Va-Vroom 3-D Russian Volume

For the lasionista who wants to stand out from the crowd, this style uses multiple, ultra-light lashes to create a beautiful, volume look for the true lash enthusiast. Each natural lash will have 2-3 individual extensions applied for a look that is truly breath-taking!

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