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Please read before reserving your appointment online

Our online booking site is best experienced using the Firefox internet application. Certain issues may appear with various versions of Internet Explorer.

You will get a confirmation page and confirmation email once your appointment is complete. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please call us at 512.291.3147, as it is very likely your appointment did not go through!  Below is a sample confirmation page:

**How to request a specific service provider**

Click the drop down box and picking that person’s name. If you choose “Anyone” and simply pick from the list of available appointments, even if you choose a specific technician, our system will not show us that it is a request, and your appointment may be moved to someone else. To guarantee it will not be moved, you must choose from the drop down list.

I have read the information above and would like to move directly to the online booking site.


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